Help to understand my mistake

Hi All,

I’m new in this forum, and new with HA. Tried first Hassbian, then with image for RB Pi3b (but it never worked). In the end, I installed with docker on Raspbian Buster Lite.

I think all is working quite fine, but I’m here for a question.
All the changes made inside the configuration.yaml seem to have not effect in the overview.

I’m sure doing some mistake somewhere, the question is: where? :frowning:

In the is possible to see all the Konnected’s binary_sensor, and generally, all the changes made in the configuration file.

In the is possible to se only (and always) few information:

What I’m doing wrong? I saw many video and read a lot of documentation, and I understood that all the the modifications on the configuration file will be visible in the overview.

Can you give some point of reflection to understand how to solve this mistake?

I’ll be grateful if you could link the right documentation to study for this case.


Please see the sticky post for how to format code.

Forget the code

If you are making changes only to the Lovelace front end, try selecting the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner, then select refresh. If you’re making changes to your configuration.yaml file, you probably need to restart HA.

Hello ceh,

I’m making changes in the configuration.yaml and restarted the HA everytime, but the overview is always the same.

Maybe I need to activate something…

When you make a change in configuration.yaml, you have to restart to Home Assistant. Be sure to press the “check” button to make sure everything is fine before you restart.

configuration.yaml doesn’t control your Lovelace UI.

If you want to make changes to your UI, you do that as @ceh said - top right corner, three dots.

As for videos, Home Assistant’s UI has changed a lot, if you’re watching videos from months ago they may no longer be correct.

I restarted the HA everytime: no changes in the overview.
In the upper right corner there isn’t the refresh action inside the 3 dots menu. I see only 2 choices: Edit UI interface and Help

If configuration.yaml doesn’t control the Lovelace UI, I missed something.
Any changes into the configuration.yaml which I want to see in the overview, do I have to re-do them manually?

There are a couple of ways to control the UI interface. One of them is from a yaml file. I guess you are trying to use this method. You have to enable that capability from configuration.yaml and then restart HA. How to do that?

Once you have this enabled and restarted HA, then you create a file ui-lovelace.yaml and do your UI configuration in there.

You have obviously missunderstood some things, but we are here. :wink:
The UI has a name for us: Lovelace
So, dont get confused when you see someone calling it Lovelace… They mean the UI (or frontend, or whatever)

Sounds like you’ve already taken control - use that option and make the changes you want :wink: