Help Troubleshooting an Automation/Scene not working

I have a zigbee motion detector in my bathroom that turns the zigbee light bulbs on depending on the time of day. So in the evening they’re brighter than in the middle of the night, for instance. And it all works fine…usually. Every now and then the lights simply fail to come on. All too often this is when my wife goes in there, which means it’s a priority I get this fixed.

So when this happens I can see the motion sensor activates, I can see the automation firing in the log, evaluating the time of day and attempting to start the right scene. The only difference between when it works and when it doesnt in the trace is the related log book entries show none of the bulbs coming on.

I had thought maybe it was a bulb connection problem, but they never show as unavailable - and it seems a weird coincidence for all five of them to fail at the same time, while other zigbee devices are fine. No errors in the logs related to it. All other scenes and automations I have work as expected.

So I really dont know where to go next to work out why this is happening. Any ideas for deeper logs I can look at?

I have z-wave and I had to put small delays between devices turn_on/off when I was communicating to multiple devices. A delay of 50-100 milliseconds seemed to help. Z-wave js fixed this for me.

A failing device can reek havoc in a mesh network. It can overload nearby devices.

Have you looked at the automation trace?

Yeah and the automation trace shows it fired but in the ‘related logs’ there’s nothing (when it doesnt work), the bulbs coming on is shown there when it does.

Not sure if i can put in such a delay between bulbs as I’m using a scene.