Help troubleshooting random local network lag and slowdowns

Hi all,

Just would really appreciate some help debugging an ongoing issue I’ve been experiencing. I feel like I’ve explored every avenue I can think of and it’s driving me insane trying to guess what else it could be.

The response time of my HA seems to vary a lot - sometimes lights and other devices respond instantly, and other times they can take upwards of 5 seconds to respond. Dashboards are much the same, they can load straight away, or spin forever and eventually load almost card-by-card. I’ve tried to watch the time that these slowdowns occur but there seems to be little rhyme or reason as to when they happen.

For context, I’ve just moved in with my partner and combined a bunch of smart home gear into a single HA instance started from scratch. Using their networking gear at the moment (Netgear Orbi RBR50) and a mix of both our devices. I had no issues on my old HA setup and everything was lightning fast (Using a couple of Google Wifis as my network backbone), but my partner did have issues with this same problem before we started rebuilding everything from scratch - we hoped resetting everything and starting from scratch would fix it, but obviously not.

On top of that, I have a number of devices set up via localtuya and some of them seem to go unavailable in HA at least once every 24hrs forcing me to restart the integration to bring them back online, which is odd because in my past experience, localtuya has been pretty rock solid.

I’ve also noticed other devices can experience the same random lag, for example controlling LIFX lights via their own app, they can sometimes take a few seconds to respond while other times they are instant.

We’re running HA on a VM on a more than capable computer, but had the same issues when running it via a Pi .

My initial thought is that another device on the network is flooding the network with traffic and causing these random slowdowns, is that possible? Any thoughts, theories or troubleshooting steps would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

All of the things you described seem to have the Orbi in common…

Sorry totally forgot to mention we tried plugging in the Google Wifi in lieu of the Orbi and experienced the same issue :sweat_smile: