Help trying to flash ESP32 in Home Depot bulb

Just picked up an outdoor timer with this same ESP32 in it. Did anyone figure out how to flash it or successfully replace it with an unlocked one?

Interesting thread, and Ive been following these ideas for a couple weeks now that Ive “discovered” HA and the “ratgdo” based on ESP32.

Curious if anyone has thought about just replacing the chip on the module itself? Seems the base chip is a couple bucks and with a hot-air gun once could simply float it off and replace the thing - that should eliminate the eFuse issue. While I haven’t gone down this path myself (I simply dont have some of the equipment at the moment), I did take a similar route several years back when I crossed 5v and 12 rails on a power supply - blowing up several hard drives in the process… its really scary with tens of TB’s data on the line - but having a buddy that had the necessary tools was a lifesaver).In short, floating ROM’s off controller boards onto a donor board… seems this would be very similar.

I have a few of the Home Depot “Hubspace” products (great for outdoor Christmas light switching), but haven’t wasted much time as I only use them a few weeks per year… but it seems like something worth fooling with.


Which ESP will replace this one? Don’t see any links to buy a LA02301 on Google.