Help understanding parameters in themes (light icon colors)

I found (out there) a them I like, it looks great but the light icon colors don’t change with the brightness like other themes…
Any idea which parameter in the them config does that and how to change it so color follows the brightness?
A theme doing the right colors:

The theme I want but doesn’t do it:

I believe you are showing a difference in brightness like the other icons, its just that you don’t have a difference in color for on and off.

Try tweaking

      paper-item-icon-color: 'var(--accent-color)'  

Which I think is your icon color. and

      paper-item-icon-active-color: 'var(--accent-color)'

Which I think is the color of an icon when on.

Is there an appendix or any details out there showing what’s what, the options, etc…
Maybe obvious, but never found anything relevent…

I started this file from some else’s. It has some pointers in it.

Thanks, But as it seems it is not as easy to change #fdd835 (light yellow) somewhere to something else.