Help Understanding the Graph Component: Range vs Value

The esphome docs for the graph component says the following:

  • max_range (Optional): Specifies the maximum Y-axis range.
  • min_range (Optional): Specifies the minimum Y-axis range.
  • max_value (Optional): Specifies the maximum Y-axis value.
  • min_value (Optional): Specifies the minimum Y-axis value.

Can someone help clarify what the difference between range and value is?

I would like to have a set scale, for example I have a sensor “pm_2_5” and I want to display a range from 0.0 to 9.0, the sensor may go above 9.0 or may never get anywhere near 9.0 but I don’t want the scale to ever change. If the value goes above 9.0 will it disappear, clamp to 9.0 or draw over other items?

Also does anyone know why setting min_range: 0 gives the error value must be higher than 0.?