Help updating ESPHome from version 1.20.4

Recently I went to use the new button feature in ESPHome and it would give me an error, then I realized that the ESPHome version I had installed was 1.20.4. I always install any updates available, but somehow ESPHome has not been updated.
I tried to uninstall it, but then it wouldn’t find the add-on when I went to re-install it, and I had to restore from a backup.
How can I manually bring it to the latest version?

How did you install esphome? Through an addon? Docker?

I’ve been using HA since about 2019, installed HASS then installed ESPHome though the add-on, and have been updating ever since. Apparently when ESPHome was integrated into HA, it stayed with the add-on version.
If I remove the add-on, the ESP devices still work, but I loose the dashboard, so I can’t make any changes to the devices.

Side question. How do I see what version of ESPHome I have installed?
(And what is the “New button feature”?)

It is in the addon settings, or at the bottom of the esphome UI.

Button: see here Button Component — ESPHome

Got it- thanks…
All I saw on my browser was a black line. But that’s my problem that an unrelated taskbar covers the bottom of my screen.