Help wanted: ZBDongle-E - Multiprotocol - zigbee2mqtt

Hello community,

I would like to use my ZBDongle-E with multiprotocol in HA with zigbee2mqtt.

However, the change log for the Silicon Labs Multiprotocol add-on states the current version

Zigbee2MQTT does not yet support this version of the Gecko SDK. Do not update if you are using Z2M!”

Since I’m installing the add-on for the first time, I obviously don’t have a backup or anything like that with an older version.

How can I install an add-on in an earlier version?

Nowhere in the add-ons can I find the option (like with HACS) to specify the version.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

The z2m edge addon should have the needed ezsp changes. If running “edge” scares you, just wait for next month’s release.

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Dear @jerrm

thank you for your support!

I use now the edge from z2m and the combination from silabs and z2m are great!

Did you know, if i can use z2m in a separate docker container and not as add-on from HA?
If yes, which port-address must i use in the z2m configuration to the socket from silabs add-on?

Best regards!