Help with a pico that won't add to node red

I’m trying to get a pico to work with my fireplace.
I have other picos working with lights in my kitchen with no problem.
I do it all in node-red.
I can’t seem to get the correct button name in node-red.
It won’t show up on it’s own. (in autocomplete)
I am able to find that the button events are received when I do a debug on all events:

"device_name":"bedroom fireplace",
"area_name":"Pico Room",

This is one of those picos with 4 on-off buttons rather than the 4 scenes or 5 light levels.

So, I used “sensor.pico_room_bedroom_fireplace” as my Entity ID, but it was one I made up myself.
I am restarted the whole system. I am also tried restarting node-red.

Thanks for any tips.

I now see that the PICO shows up as a device and not an entitiy. I was able to make an Automation with that in Configuration. However, I would prefer everything to be in Node-red so that I can configure it there.

I have found that this blueprint to set up buttons but it does work either.

I used this blueprint one to make it work with my 5 button Pico (not the same as yours).

It works in home assistant but I cannot figure out how to do it in Node Red. Have you had any luck?

  alias: Setup 4/5 buttons on Outside Pico Remote
  description: ''
    path: stephack/lutron-caseta-pico-core-integration-only.yaml
      auto_mode: restart
      - service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_away
        data: {}
          entity_id: alarm_control_panel.adt_pulse
      - service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_home
        data: {}
          entity_id: alarm_control_panel.adt_pulse
      - service: homeassistant.turn_on
          entity_id: switch.i_o_linc_2c_49_99_relay
      - service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_disarm
        data: {}
          entity_id: alarm_control_panel.adt_pulse

This blueprint and the one from me listed by @biver is for the Lutron Core Integration that was recently released. What Lutron Integration are you using? If you are not sure how to tell, then bring up one of your Pico’s. It will be under Devices or Entities depending on the integration you are using…let us know which you see…and also what is says exactly under the Integration column. A screenshot would be helpful.

Originally I was using (which I also had working in Home Assistant) and recently I switched to the core integration.

@stephack Can you point us in the direction as to how to utilize Node Red? Thanks for your work on the blueprint!

I no longer use Node Red but you should be able to use the All Events node (or something similarly names) and listen for the event type lutron_caseta_button_event.

That should output all the lutron button events and you can then extract what you need. Below is an example of the event generated by a pico button press. Should be pretty simple to get what you need if you are comfortable in NR.


I did that and have all of the info, unfortunately I’m NOT comfortable enough in NR to make use of it! lol

@stephack Is it normal that the Pico remotes show up under devices rather than entities if using the core integration? I believe they used to show up under entities using upsert custom integration…

Yes, unfortunately the core integration does not expose the Pico remotes as entities. I believe there is a feature request for that, but in the meantime we can only add them to automations by listening for the events.

As I mentioned I no longer use NR so it would be difficult to assist. Hopefully the OP is comfortable in NR and can use what I’ve provided and can help direct you.

Curious…Why are you trying to integrate the Pico in NR if you aren’t comfortable using it? Why not just use HA and the many blueprints that have already been created for you?

Honestly, I’m just trying to learn Node Red by trying to duplicate all the automations I already have working in HA. I figured it was good way to learn to see what it’s good for and not so good for… Guess I’m finding out!

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When i see things like this, I’m inspired to learn NR. Lutron Caseta Pico Remotes and Node-Red

Yeah, NR is pretty awesome once you get the hang of it. I try to keep everything native where possible, but outside of that preference, NR is my favorite automation platform. Very powerful with added visual benefit.

The guy who made that crazy one on that link, uses the sensor.pico_x… but since the way I have it now, using your blueprint, I can’t refer to them like that, so I’m just lost. I know you can’t help… @jeffnielson ?