Help with access to Internal URLs via Ingress Add-on

This is my first attempt to develop a simple add-on using Ingress. It is intended to be an alternative to using a VPN for accessing internal (non-ssl) http sites via HASS, especially for family members who don’t have a VPN installed.

The dockerfile installs python and the tiny app and starts without error. Open Web UI just opens a blank page (502-gateway error). My config.json specifies that the app runs on the host network and the Ingress_port is consequently set to 0 per the doc. The doc also says that the port can be read later via API, but it’s unclear to me how to do this or if it is needed. I do see this : Ingress error: Cannot connect to host so I can assume 65079 is the internal ingress port and have updated the Ingress_port accordingly. It didn’t make any difference.

EDIT: just found additional information on Discord, and will seek assistance there.

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Any progress. Would love this, if it works.

I learned the method I was trying to use to open web pages wasn’t going to work with HA/Ingress. The only reply I got on Discord was to investigate using NGINX instead.

You can have a look at this add-on:

Thanks for this heads up!