Help with action at specific time


I have been trying to create a app that opens a cover on workdays at a specific time, like 6:00, but I just got stuck with the time part, here is my code:

# Eltern_Cover_Offnen_Arbeitstag:
#   module: open_cover_workdays
#   class: Time_Cover_Workdays
#   cover: "cover.eltern"
#   ON_Time: "06:00:00"

from appdaemon.plugins.hass.hassapi import Hass
import datetime
import time

class Time_Cover_Workdays(Hass):
    def initialize(self) -> None:

        cover = self.args["cover"]  
        ON_Time = self.args["ON_Time"]
        workday = self.entities.binary_sensor.workday_sensor.state

        if workday == "on":
            #if actual time == "ON_Time":                
                # self.call_service("cover/open_cover", entity_id = cover)

Been readind the docs here, but just don’t get how to write a function that will run the script at given rime.

Any help will be appreciated.

Have a look at the run_daily helper function. Then, in the run_daily callback function, check if it is a workday and open the cover.