Help with Actionable notifications for Cameras

Using HA 0.106.6 and the latest play store release of the companion app, and I’m trying to get actionable notifications working however I’m clearly not grasping the methods explained in other threads in this section of the forums.

I’m looking to be able to click on the app notification and be taken to a live view of the relevant camera.
Currently I have all my cameras represented in one tab / view on the lovelace dashboard using picture-entity cards.
Can someone clarify for me:

  1. Do I need to setup a separate tab / view per camera for what I have in mind? If so, can this be hidden from the main dashboard?
  2. I understood that I needed to provide the path to the notification as “/lovelace/” however when I try calling the service pointing at my current cameras view with:
message: "Test"
  image: "/api/camera_proxy/camera.driveway"
    - action: "Test"
      title: "View"
      uri: "/lovelace/cameras"


message: "Test"
  image: "/api/camera_proxy/camera.driveway"
  clickAction: "/lovelace/cameras"

the notification does not launch the app on the specified view.

So what am I missing?

Replying to myself in absence of other help.

  1. I setup hidden panel views with live views of each camera.
  2. Updating HA to 0.107.6 resolved launching the companion app to the specified view (rather than the default) for action but not clickAction.

Look at the uri android example and notice how it mentions what the action key should be.

I didn’t update my example but I do now have the action version working thank you.

Corrected action example:

    - service: notify.all_mobile
        title: "Driveway Alert"
        message: "Motion detected at {{ now().strftime('%H:%M') }}. Day Score: {{ state_attr('binary_sensor.unifiprotect_motion_driveway', 'motion_score') }}"
          image: "/api/camera_proxy/camera.driveway"
          ttl: 0
            - action: "URI"
              title: "View Live Feed"
              uri: "/lovelace/camera_driveway" 

Unfortunately clickAction does not open the specified relative path in the app merely the default view, although it looks on github as though that specific issue was raised and Fixed.

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Remember you can always join the beta for the app, a new build gets triggered on every commit.

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I’m just content to know it’s in the pipeline tbh.

My day job is software development so far too much of my life is in beta :sweat_smile:

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This totally worked for me. Thanks so much!