Help with advice on approach to integrating my smart meter

Hi, I’m new to HA but believe that with some time (and some good advice) I can accomplish this project. I’m not at the point of asking specific questions - this is on the approach I take ahead of time - I would rather take advantage of a simpler way than my proposed approach if you know of one. Here goes:

I have rooftop solar, which is already integrated into my HA and shows my energy generation in the energy section of HA. I have San Diego Gas and Electric, which uses a smart net meter. They allow me to download net metering data (one day later) at 15 minute intervals throughout the day/night via the green button. I can either take in an excel file or an xml file.

My thoughts toward an approach: use the Restful integration to download the xml file nightly. I’ll investigate producing what is needed by the “Utility Meter” integration by creating the necessary elements to parse the xml file from the Restful integration and feed those into the Utility Meter (as a manual integration) that updates one day late. I presume if I use the “net meter” parameter from the utility meter I can somehow determine my actual gross energy consumption (since the utility doesn’t know what I consume, only net, so I will need to get HA to compute the gross consumption and reflect that in the energy display of HA).

I know there is a green button integration out there (vqvu provided this on github) but the xml format of my utility doesn’t seem to function properly when I try to have it process the file. Unless I can figure out how to amend the xml file to be compatible, I imagine it might be more efficient for me to go through the manual process I describe above.

What other integrations / means are there that I haven’t considered?

Does anyone know where I can find similar examples - or do you have something that could help me save time and effort?
All advice is appreciated, although I am a HA noob I do have linux experience. I also have an ancillary RPi on the local network that could be put to use if needed for some purpose.
Thanks! Jeff