Help with alexa tts toggles

hey all

i have recently created toggles for my alexa tts notification to enable / dissable specific devices getting a tts alert when there is motion at the front door using bools but i wish to be able to (if possible) make it possible to set this up for other automations in the future

as you can see each alexa device has its own bool

and the automaton (i believe as i had some help setting it up) switches the text to media player so it triggers on the enabled media players

but i would like to set up the bools specifically for its purpose in case i wish to make a similar tts device toggle for future automations

i dont believe i can call the bools “input_boolean.kitchen_echo_motion_toggle” as that -i believe- would make the automation run “media_player.kitchen_echo_motion_toggle” which isn’t an alexa device

i dont know if /how there is any way of getting around this so i could make for example a “motion_trigger” tts and a “cleaner_finished” tts and a “water_leak” tts as examples and so i can toggle what device will get what notifications in case anyone is asleep

any help is appreciated