Help with an automation and script

Can any one help with a bit of guidance please. For an automation
The end results is to have a couple of tradfri lamps (for fish tank lightinging)
Come on low 2200 kelvin and dim 1 % then over time about half an hour get brighter and white color change to daylight 6500 kelvin.
I have written a separate script for each part and and only dealing with 1 lamp at moment for ease.
1script for changing kelvin 400 every 20 sec (note this will be increased when all is working so total is 30 min)
Which works fine.
And 1 for brightness over 220 sec (which matches the 1st script time wise) this also works fine.
Then put both script enitty Id it an automation. Time triggered.
But what happens is only on scipts does its thing. Ie lamp changes from 2200 kelvin to 6500 k but doesn’t get any brighter…
Guess my question is how to combine script in an automation. Many thank