Help with Apache HTTPS on a raspberry pi...I can't figure it out

I have HA running on a raspberry pi and I am trying to set up SSL access via apache and I just can’t figure out how to get it to work. I used LetsEncrypt’s certbot and have apache serving another web page over https just fine and I am trying to setup the reverse proxy to HA. I tried to follow the directions here with no success. The bulk of the problem is likely that I am completely out of my depth trying to figure out the beast that is apache on top of the fact that my understanding of web serving in general is extremely limited. The config files that I have are different than the example above lists.

If anyone has this working and can take some pity on me I would really appreciate it. Be as specific as you can if you don’t mind. It is probably safe to assume my baseline understanding is zero. What I really need is what config files to edit and what exactly to edit them to.

The particulars of my setup:
Raspbian Jessie running on a Pi (2 Model B) serving HA and another webpage
Ports 80 and 443 forwarded to the pi
Dynamic service is setup and working (address is
Pi is inside the network at 192.168.YYY.ZZZ
HTTP:// works, works (my other webpage)
http://192.168.YYY.ZZZ:8123 works, works (HA front end)
https://192.168.yyy.zzz:8123 NOPE, NOPE
I think I have enabled but apache mods that I need for the reverse proxy but I dont really know.

My goal is for something like or to bring me to the HA front end while still leaving the other webpage at

Thanks again for any help!

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Did you get it to work?