Help with APEX charts

Been messing with apex chart trying to show my server processor temperatures. I have four to display I was looking to use a radial bar chart here is what I have so far…

But how do I define the severity of the upper limit. For instance 130 degrees would be the high temperature. Here is my code so far:

type: custom:apexcharts-card
  show: true
  title: Temperature Levels
  show_states: true
  colorize_states: true
chart_type: radialBar
  - entity: sensor.glances_core_0_temperature
    name: 1st core
  - entity: sensor.glances_core_1_temperature
    name: 2nd core
  - entity: sensor.glances_core_2_temperature
    name: 3rd core
  - entity: sensor.glances_core_3_temperature
    name: 4th core

I looked at the apex charts main site but their they make no reference to how to set that variable. Thanks in advance

this did the trick for me:

  - entity: sensor.solaredge_ac_power_kw
    min: 0
    max: 6.2
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