Help with Automation on Numeric State Changes

I can’t seem to figure out the automation triggers/actions in HomeAssistant.

I have a Z-Wave smoke detector with 2 numeric entities: alarm_level and alarm_type

if alarm_level > 0 && alarm_type < 13 then i want to treat it as an alarm, send my phone a text, and turn on some lights.

I have the following in configuration.yaml:

automation: alias: Turn on lights when smoke detector sounds trigger: - platform: numeric_state entity_id: sensor.hallway_detector_alarm_type_6 below: 13 - platform: numeric_state entity_id: sensor.hallway_detector_alarm_level_6 above: 0 action: - service: homeassistant.turn_on entitiy_id: light.hallway data: brightness: 255 - service: notify.googlevoice data: message: "Hallway Smoke Alarm" target: ##########

I’ve tried manually triggering a test of the alarm (which sets alarm_level to 255 and alarm_value to 12) but that hasn’t triggered the automation action. I’ve also tried manually setting the values through HA’s developer tools (to save detector batteries and so i don’t have to listen to the actual alarm go through its test cycle), but nothing seems to trigger the automation. What am I missing?