Help with automation, please

Hi, I was wondering if is possible to set up an automation for the garage door switch to get the garage camera live view. So every time I will press the door open switch the camera window will pop up, the only problem is that it cannot be based on the switch state as the switch will toggle for 1 second only

Wouldn’t a live camera view with a button to control the cover be better?

Any working option will be great, I spend a few hours today trying setting up template switch that it will copy the garage switch state and toggle camera more info but without success

You can add a picture glance card to the frontend and add an enity object to giving you a button to toggle the cover right on the live view.

I am using the picture element with my floorplan, all the entities are displayed as the state label,

The idea is to open the camera live stream by toggle the more info and the garage door open/close switch at the same time using state label icon. Don’t know if it makes sense?

Creating a group for a camera and the switch doesn’t work, maybe by creating a direct more info button for the camera it will help and then just creating a group?

I don’t believe what you are asking is possible. You can do like what I suggested above or do a button that on tap would pop up the camera live stream and with a double tap or hold operate the garage but to single tap something and have it do both at the same time with a single click isn’t doable to my knowledge, at least not without a custom component.

Thanks for trying

Ok, I will try to use the picture glance card but how to display one inside the picture element card ?