Help with camera stored video playback on Home Assistant

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Hello there,

I can find highly specific topics and solutions to my problems, but I am being challenged finding tutorials and overall guides onto how to accomplish tasks…

The task at hand now is “Camera Stored Video Playback”.

I have managed to link and configure my Reolink camera with Home Assistant and even managed to capture the motion detection events (thanks to this addon) so I won’t have to spent CPU on my pi4 and HA OS.

What I would like to do, is understand how you manage your cameras, particularly in the following areas:

  1. Do you store the video feeds of your camera?
  2. If so, do you store them on pi4 or elsewhere?
  3. How do you play back the stored video?
  4. With motion detection enabled, how do you review the video clips that triggered the motion detection? So playback stored video at the point in time motion sensor triggered.
  5. Do you have any kind of cloud integration to automatically stream your camera feeds to a cloud store for safety and security?

Can HA manage the above or I am asking too much?

Thank you

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