HELP with Cheap Smart Bulb for HA

Hi Guys,

I have a couple of Phillps Hue bulbs, but they are pretty expensive and I’m looking for a cheaper solution for smart bulbs around my house that will work well with HA?

Does anyone have any suggestions? There seem to be a large number of bluetooth smart bulbs on Amazon for around half the price of the Hue and LifX bulbs. Or what about solutions that would allow me to resue my exisiting LED bulbs?

Cheers Matt these are cheap but also less relable than Hue

@Danielhiversen thanks for the suggestion, but these are still quite expensive compared to some of the other Bluetooth ones on Amazon,

my suggestion is NOT bluetooth, for me the worse technology for home automation. Good obly for audio and few other things

RF433 (or WiFi) wall switches?

I bought Hue and Yeelight. But beside some fancy effect (which you almost never use) I think is an ineffective way of autoatic. I am now exploring the use of smart swithches (to control normal bulbs)

@anon35356645 yes smart switches sounds more sensible, are there any particular ones you are looking into? I have some nexa switches with work with all sockets that work great with HA

LimitLessLed bulb are cheap and pretty good.

You need a Wifi Bridge (v5 is integrated in Home-Assistant, v6 is in dev), it cost 20$ and then each bulb cost between 8 and 15$.
MiLight is just another name under which the bulb are sold, but it’s the same thing.


It will depends on where you live, for dimensions mainly and compatibility, to put into existing wall housing (unless you want to deal with remodeling each wall switches in yo9ur house: worker, painting and so on).

I live in Italy, and looking for
broadlink TC2 (ordered) it’s 433
Livolo (just checking)

The Broadlink, looks good, but does this require any additional l hardware apart from HA to setup?

You’ll need BroadLink RM2 (bridge between wifi and the TC2)

These look like they might do the job too

yes, similar. What I do not understand if they have the STATE function. For me that is important for automation; the switch should send back (or you can poll it) the STATE of the switch.

Not sure if the Broadlink have that.

Since manually you can change the state, if this is not sent (polled) from HASS you don’t have certainty (in HA) if the light is On or Off

What is the problem with bluetooth?


Mayby Xiaomi Yeelight bulbs?

Yep, I use xiaomi too.