Help with config error, please

Every time I deploy, I get this error:

1/17/2022, 4:30:51 PM node: 4627f780.84a6a8
msg : string[34]
"failed to load routines: "no body""

When I click on the node ID, I am taken to the config tab with no indication of which configuration is causing the problem.

Any tips on finding the offending node or configuration? Everything works, but I have been wondering about this error for several months.

Is the node id, use the search box to find that node.

Thanks. That doesn’t take me to the node, but 45 nodes.
But, what they all have in common is that they are Alexa nodes.
So, I am guessing that the issue is in the Alexa configuration.
Since everything works*, it is just an annoyance that I only see when deploying.

* Other than the nuisance of having to revalidate my Amazon credentials every day or so.