Help with Control Relay module of 16 using cd74hc4067 multiplexer in ESPHOME

Hi guys, I tried to connect 16 Relay Module witch multiplexer but I can’t make a platform for switch.cd74hc4067. I don’t know how to make it work. It’s my first time working with multiplexer and esphome.
Can you help ?
If I will handle this, my next step is to connect keypad using other multiplexer so this situation will help me solve next problems

Hi - please post your yaml (formatted correctly, see note 11 linked below).

Is the cd74hc4067 supported as an output? The documentation page says it’s an analog multiplexer used for sensor input.

Maybe you are right about controlling outputs, so i left that problem and tried to use it as sensors input. I don’t know right now how to make for loop to change multiplexer number.

Also i’m trying to add DHT11 sensor and 4x5 keyboard to multiplexer but idk is it even possible for now

I found on YouTube but Relays module controlled by multiplexer works on Arduino not in ESPHome like i want to make.