Help with creating devices

I’m trying to write my first integration from scratch for the ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide cooker but I’m having trouble understanding the documentation for home-assistant. So far I created an integration from the scaffold script and have it logging into my device’s api. I created an api call that can get the list of devices. How do I create my devices, lets say sensors? How do I get authentication information that was entered in the setup to that code? If someone has a really simple example for a sensor or thermostat it would be really helpful. Thanks.

Mind sharing what you have so far? I would be willing to take a look and seeing if I can help you figure it out!

Do you have a github?

I do… but When I tried to check this in it failed because the code was broken. I didn’t have much time to mess with it. Maybe it will work as a different branch… its because of the homeassistant base and git config.

Would love to see this happen

Did you ever make it anywhere with this @ElectroStaticD?

No, I never revisited it. I would love to have a plugin for the Joule… but just haven’t had the time or motivation to do so.