Help with datasheet or knowledge of TC118S

Link to datasheet in Mandarin:

It’s a single DC motordriver.
What I wonder is what the input voltage is/should be.
On the first page it says VCC 7.6 V.
On page two it says VCC 2.2-7.6 V.

The chip is currently placed on a battery operated device and has 4 AA batteries in series connected to it on VDD pin (5.7 volt currently).

When I use a 2.8 volt cable on the in-pins it seems do just as much as if I connect the full 5.7 volt.
Is that because the motor driver uses the 5.7 volt and the in-pins are just “triggers”?

Long story short, I’m trying to figure out if I can run this with a 5 volt power supply and trigger it from a ESP 3.3 v pin without it “loosing power”.
The other option of using a 6 volt power supply and somehow get a 5 volt line for the ESP is a bit more complicated.