Help with design for offsite monitoring

Hi, I am trying to come up with the best way to setup and use a PI for offsite sensors etc.

The PI is running rasp-os lite 64bit and I currently have the VPN and offsite connectivity via 4G working.

This next thing I am trying to figure out is what the best way to approach this is. I would ideally like to avoid running another HA instance, and also ideally avoid running a local install of esphome as I will not really be having any additional ESPs etc, but rather use the PIs local GPIOs and connect directly to the PI.

What is the best way, for the PI to send the data back as entities etc to my HA instance?

Something like NodeRED? MQTT?

Or if there are any other solutions I would love to hear them.


VPN+ MQTT i guess would be the easiest way :wink:

Yea i’m just not MQTT savvy :stuck_out_tongue: