Help with Dexcom Integration

I have been using the Dexcom Integration for more than a year, and it’s been working fine.

Yesterday it stopped getting my CGM data. (I’ve changed nothing).

When I go to Config/Integrations, this is what I see:


Any tips on how to get this working again would be appreciated.

Hi, code owner here…

Dexcom changed things on their API endpoints. Home Assistant 2021.12 will resolve this. Feel free to run the current beta if you wish.

Thanks. I am wondering if this is the reason that Sugarmate is also offline?

I didn’t realize just how much I relied on the Dexcom integration. I have some displays around the house that have a Wemos D1 Mini and a pair of 4-digit displays. They display the time and my latest BG reading (over MQTT).

Do you want feedback on the beta test? Where?

I’m not sure of the specifics of Sugarmate, but I know it’s related. My assumption is they are forced to use the official real-time API now after Tandem Diabetes purchased them. I’ve contacted Dexcom about using this API, but “there is an extensive regularity, quality and legal review process”. The Share API works for now, but the FDA will need to clear these hurdles to allow individuals to own their real-time Diabetes data using the official real-time API.

Just if you run into any troubles with the beta, feel free to mention it in the community forums or GitHub for serious issues.

That is due out in mid December, isn’t it?

Today! Not sure what time exactly though.

Great. Do I need to reinstall the integration or will the update take care of this?

Just updated to HA 2021.12 and trying to add the dexcom integration for the first time and I keep getting “Invalid Credentials”.

Account is setup for sharing and has a follower hooked up to it.

User credentials work here
but not here

Has anybody run into a similar issue? I’m thinking once the account can login to the user account page the integration should work too.

I believe the integration should pull the updates automatically when you update to 2021.12

I’m having the same issue. Credentials work on their website, but not on the home assistant integration.

I’m having the same issue as well

Consider deleting and re-adding the integration. Be sure the appropriate server is selected. Consider changing your password, as noted on the integration. Let me know if the issue persists.

I’m having the same issue too. Their website works, but the integration says Invalid Authentication

Looks like the endpoint change also affected users who login with emails. I will work on a fix after I wrap up a few finals due Tuesday.


Yeah, I was logging in with email not username. Thank you and I hope your finals go well.

same, mine log in uses email too. Thank you for looking into this, and I wish you well on your finals!

My username is not an email, but I did have to delete the old integration and reinstall it.

Thanks Gagebenne.

Am i the only person who gets false numbers and state?
I feel like there’s a a delay between the dexcom and the HA that wasn’t there before.
It’s like there’s an added delay now.

Have, you been able to look into the email username issue? I’m unable to log in, and my username is an email.

Thank you for all you do!

The latest stable release should resolve this, in case you haven’t updated!