Help with dumb doorbell/Intercom, shelly possible?

I would like to receive notifications when someone rings the intercom, I can see a 24V button, could I connect a shelly or is there a better solution?

Do you have a voltmeter, I see that it says 11Vdc output which might work since the shelly 1 will operate at 12Vdc or 24-60Vdc or 110-230Vac.

What do you want to do?
Ring the doorbell via the Shelly, record or get notified of a doorbell ring, or something else?

Thanks for answering
I just want to be notified but I have no clue as how to connect the shelly…

You need to figure out which two wires come from the doorbell button.
If it is labeled that is the easiest. Might be possible to trace the wires. Or…if you have an ohm meter, turn off the power and have someone press the doorbell and you can determine which connections are to the button.
You would treat the doorbell button as a light switch and the chime as the light (tons of examples of this situation on Google).
It appears you have plenty of room to fit a shelly.

Will check tomorrow
Thanks again

well, I found the manual with labels. Would you be able to help with wires?