Help with Energy - Demand charge - Maximum between period per month


My utilitiy prover charges me a demand change based on the below between the hours of 5pm and 8 pm

Your maximum demand (calculated within a 30 minute interval and measured in kWh) and converted to kW X Demand charge rate in kW (rate set out in schedule of charges) X Number of days in the month = monthly demand charge
Let’s say your household uses a number of appliances one night between 6pm and 6.30pm which consume 4kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 8kW over an hour.

If this 30 minute interval is the maximum peak usage in a calendar month between 5–8pm, it ends up being your maximum demand for that month.

This is what my bill looks like
Maximum demand June 24/06/2021 6.262 kW x 30 Days x 0.20000
Maximum demand July 24/07/2021 6.974 kW x 31 Days x 0.200000
Maximum demand August 28/08/2021 7.582 kW x 31 Days x 0.200000

I would like to have a script or sensor or anything that for each month will dispay the above demand rate based on my energy sensor. This will enalbe me to calculate my bill correctly.

Mt provider also has a time of use option, once i get the above working i want to create a dashbaord to workout my options.

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