Help with esphome automations on two separate esp32

Hello. I need advice on how to do this. I need to do automation via esphome, not via node red, so that I can control a switch on one esp32 from second esp32.if it is within the scope of one esp32, I can do it. I can’t choose node red because I need the automation to work even without a wifi connection. Can anyone please help me with this? Thank you

Maybe use gpio’s?
or more complex, uart?
(which would still use the gpio’s :thinking:)

Have a read of this section of the docs. There are a few wireless options you can use - they are outlined in here:

I personally have also used GPIOs via optocouplers where the only requirement was electrical isolation, not distance.

Thanks for your reply. But my two esp32s are not connected directly via any cable
So gpios are not usable for this
Any other idea?

Hmm…no wifi…no wires…??

Tried telepathy ?

Thank you for your reply. But i dont have any experience with sending commands via web server. Dont know how to set it up in my yaml code

Funny :blush:
I meant if it is able to do it through esphome yaml
Like this :


Example configuration entry


  • platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO0
    name: “Luster spalna”
    id: luster_spalna
    restore_mode: ALWAYS_OFF


  • platform: gpio
    number: GPIO3
    input: true
    name: “touch switch”
    id: touch_switch
    ** then:**
    ** - switch.toggle: luster_spalna**


It is still a mystery to me what you exactly try to achieve :thinking:

Do you mean the switch is on esp1 and the binary on esp2??
Without wires/wifi this is not possible; they are not connected :nerd_face: