Help with esphome oled display

I want to add an oled display to my esphome project, but the oled i found in an online shop for a good price claims to be SSD1306, but it has the wrong amount of pins and in different names. It should be over I2C

There are 2 options for esphome, I2C or SPI. Perhaps show us the device you were thinking of buying?

Its in a different language, but I can translate the site and show you a screenshot, is that okay?

Just post the link, between google translate and the picture of it I am sure we can work it out.

This is an I2C display - see the link below. It should be fine. The pin names in the picture are correct.

If you are confused about the D1 and D2 mentioned in the instructions, ignore that. Just pick a pin for SDA and SCL on your ESP and connect those to the matching pins on the display.

Thanks, i thinked about that but i was not sure