Help with ESPresense Companion

I finally figured out how to map out my home in the ESPresense Companion YAML. The shape of my floorplan looks accurate, and the dimensions seem to be spot on. But my default view is very much zoomed out. I think I read somewhere that the X, Y, Z settings of the bounds in the yaml should zoom this in without distorting my floorplan shape. But I am lost and everytime I start making adjustments to bounds I wind up with my north to south walls stretching to the point that they become longer than the east west walls. My rooms are rectangular with the east west walls being longer than the north south, so the stretched out floor plan doesn’t look accurate any more. I can manually zoom with a 2 finger pinch to the screen but I’m hoping someone can show me how to get the floorplan to fill the screen without manual zooming in and out all day.