Help with fail after upgrade to HA 0.88.2

Can you help mi with how to do to be able to run the new verse 0.88.2 HA
Have followed several how to on GitHub without good results.
What do I need to upgrade from .JS and witch one.
Explain to me (I am 64) step by step how to make HA work in Lovelace UI.
It has worked with 0.87 good, but not after updating 0.88.1, 0.88.2
Thanks for that


Is there anyone who can help me?

you mite have to update the the .js file manually

also the /local/ is the www folder


would be setting in you www folder
and just to make it harder to unstand

/customcards/ replaces the /local/ folder

have you read this

hope this point you down the right track

Thanks, i fixed!