Help with false presence triggers

Hey all,

Hoping I can get some help with presence detection where my automations are triggering, yet the history still shows my presence as being ‘home’.

To test this - I setup 2 automations to turn on/off the boolean ‘Jase Home’ above. See how there small bars trigger on/off for this, yet my presence ‘Jase’ still shows Home. The large ‘off’ block is where I did actually go out, but rest of time was at home.

I am using Owntracks with 2 x iBeacons. The signal is always strong for these and are set to a 500ms update time. Both have the same UUID and major values, but a different minor, along with a - appended to the name.

In the HASS config the radius for ‘Home’ zone is set to 200m.
I don’t see any changes in the logs, but I expect I need to increase logging for this?

What I am most curious on is why my ‘home’ state is not changing, but it keeps triggering automations?

Thanks in Advance!

Anyone that can help? I had been through the various guides created and none the wiser. @jamieb was a great help too - but just cannot get this reliable enough where I can trust it :frowning: