Help with first pyscript

I’m giving my first steps with HA. One of the main features that caught my attention is the ability to create custom python scripts.
I’m trying to implement my first script with pyscript following the guide

I did all the first steps (see below) but I’m not finding anything in the logs, not even evidence that the service was even run or tried to run.

Given that I’m new, it may be something silly such as me not looking at the correct place for the logs, or a real issue with the script execution.
So I’d like to clarify that when I mean I’m looking at the logs, I’m looking at this file: /config/home-assistant.log

I’d appreciate any help

Steps I followed from the documentation

Create a file in the <config>/pyscript folder (you can use any file name, so long as it ends in .py ) that contains:

@service def hello_world(action=None, id=None): “”“hello_world example using pyscript.”"""hello world: got action {action} id {id}") if action == “turn_on” and id is not None: light.turn_on(entity_id=id, brightness=255) elif action == “fire” and id is not None:, param1=12, pararm2=80)

After starting Home Assistant, use the Service tab in the Developer Tools page to call the service pyscript.hello_world with parameters

action: hello id: world

The function decorator @service means pyscript.hello_world is registered as a service. The expected service parameters are keyword arguments to the function. This function prints a log message showing the action and id that the service was called with. Then, if the action is "turn_on" and the id is specified, the light.turn_on service is called. Otherwise, if the action is "fire" then an event type with that id is fired with the given parameters. You can experiment by calling the service with different parameters. (Of course, it doesn’t make much sense to have a function that either does nothing, calls another service, or fires an event, but, hey, this is just an example.)


You’ll need to look at the log messages to see the output (unless you are using Jupyter, in which case all log messages will be displayed, independent of the log setting). The log message won’t be visible unless the Logger is enabled at least for level info , for example:

logger: default: info logs: custom_components.pyscript: info

I found out the issue, it was the log level

Is there any chance you could be more specific?