Help with getting temperature updates from Zigbee devices

I have several zigbee devices around the house, all connected via MQTT. For example, Samsung Smart Button and MiJia temperature & humidity sensor. Both report temperature.
But, both are static in terms of updates.
What is the correct way to configure these devices to get temperature updates?
Do I poll from HA or do I configure the devices to send updates?
Advice please

At least the Xiaomi update themselves. Nothing to configure.

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Updates are sent rarely, every 15 or 30 minutes, specifically to preserver battery life.

Xiami temperature sensor, and probably yours as well, are in a low power state and wake up on a interrupt when there is a larger temperature change (like 0.5 C or so).

You can test this by holding the temperature sensor in your closed fist to increase temperature and watch for temperature being updated in HA.

I think it is less then 0.5 C, more like 0.1 C


Thank you all. At least I now know how it is meant to work - I wanted confirmation that I didn’t need to contact/poll
I have replaced all batteries (doh!) and I have created charts for temp - I will watch over the next 24 hours and see what happens.

My Aquara temperature sensors, appear to report roughly every hour, unless there is a big enough change in temperature (which does appear to be about 0.5C), although during the storm we (in the UK) just had, ALL my Aquara sensors were updating as rapidly as every 5 minutes, and I suspect that was because the air pressure was changing so rapidly.