Help with gilsonmandalogo / hacs-minerstat

Not sure if this is ok to ask about, if not please let me know and I will delete.

I am trying to integrate my mining rig in Minerstat with Home Assistant. I thought I had found the perfect custom integration, but alas it seems it is not up to date anymore. It gives me a bunch of different errors when it’s trying to set up the sensor. I have recently reported the issues on Github, but given the other issues reported and the fact that they are unanswered might suggest that the developer has other preoccupations.

So what I am asking: Is there anybody here willing to take a look at the code in and match it with the errors I get, and from there try to see what can be changed to make it work?

The custom integration:

My errors:

My config:

Minerstat API info:

My configuration validates.

I am able to reach my Minerstat rig using the link{ACCESS_KEY}

Same error here.

Got it to work by capitalizing the full rig name i.e. instead of “rig” > “RIG”

I trives this and didn’t get any errors. But not able to find anything new. What sensors are created for you? And how are they named?