Help with HA moble app integration entities attributes

Hello and thank you. this is my first post and fyi I am very green to HA with no prior home automation experience on any platform.
I am wanting to to use a colored lamp to indicate weather there are any unread or new emails in a g-mail account, I installed the g-mail integration but don’t believe it is able provide a solution. I then tried the mobile assistant app running on the phone which is linked to the g-mail account I’m interested in. one of the device entities is called “lm_q710_fg_active_notification_count”. Using this entitie I am able through automations and scenes to change the color of my lamp based on the number of active notifications on the phone. this does a good job for my purpose as long as there are no other notifications however, there almost always are. I do see there are “attributes” to this entitiy which may provide a more accurate solution. This is where I have stalled. I do not know if how or where I could use these attributes to trigger the automations.
Any help with this is much appreciated and if there is another solution you can suggest their welcome as well. Pasted below are some of the attributes listed for this entity

Android.appInfo -1737502219

Android.appInfo 0

Android.bigText -1737502219

Android.bigText 0

Android.icon -1737502219

Android.icon 0

Android.infoText -1737502219

Android.infoText 0

You want the IMAP integration.

thank you, ill give i-map a try.