Help with HA OS install Generic x86-64


I’m just starting out having installed a couple of Philipps Hue LED RGB bulbs (without hub) with the Google Home integration and have decided to branch out a bit with a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Dongle Plus and now have a Tuya dimmable light switch for another room.

HA was running, just about okay, on a RPi 3B v1.2 but it doesn’t like the new OS 10 version (only getting IPv6 address and then started reboot loop), but that’s not why I’m here…

I now have a spare SFF Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p with 8GB RAM that should see me through a few additions and upgrades so looking to use this with HAOS but I’m hitting a wall with setting up the HAOS flash to the SSD for this device failing at not recognising a bootable device.

  1. The boot order is USB flash drive followed by the 860QVO (install media)
  2. UEFI boot mode is on
  3. Secure Boot is off
  4. I have run the efibootmgr command using the Ubuntu live environment from a flash drive as suggested in the install docs

From Windows 10, with the previously unused 1TB 860QVO using a USB to SATA adapter, the flash from balenaEtcher says it completed okay, however, it doesn’t work using download from URL (JavaScript errors or something like that) so I have downloaded haos_generic-x86-64-10.2.img.xz locally and flashed from file.

balenaEtcher flashes the image to the SSD creating 8 partitions with no file systems (according to Windows) and leaves 930GB unallocated space.

Plugging this drive into the PC it results in failure saying there’s no bootable device.

With the URL method not working for balenaEtcher and 8 small partitions with a heap of unallocated space on the drive I’m wondering if there’s an issue with the image itself - I’ll try the Ubuntu “copy the .img.xz file” method if I’m not wasting my time with a corrupted HAOS image?

Is it just me being a noob or is there something wrong with HAOS 10.2 (given my RPi issue too)?


correct. HA OS uses 8 partitions, and windows can’t read ext4 out-of-the box. And the 930 Gb normally gets expanded on first HA OS boot

Thanks, at least that’s normal so that limits it to the boot, I’ll dig around some more in the BIOS config to se what might affect the detection of a boot partition on the drive.

So, knowing that it should work, I’ve done a complete reset of the BIOS settings and after putting the boot order back where it needs to be a well as disabling secure boot again, the supervisor has loaded!
Once I can connect to a physical network I’ll run through the setup - thanks :slight_smile:
ergo: total noob!