Help with HACS - YAML configuration is deprecated

Hi all, new on HA

My goal is to get running floorplan, but i don’t get worked HACS.

I have “homeassistant/home-assistant” image from docker hub (Home Assistant container) , so, not Add-ons button on GUI

I get this error:

Hacs installed using these : (Download | HACS)

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Go inside the container with docker exec -it homeassistant bash
  3. Run the HACS download script
wget -O - | bash -

Also i try to make this in config:

# HACS modifications
  token: ****-**** (token number)

But i have another error.
"Not loaded in Lovelace You have 1 Lovelace elements that are not loaded properly in Lovelace. "

How should i have to install HACS to get no errors?

Remove the config entry, it’s all done by the UI now.

Follow these instructions

Hi, thanks for replying,

  • Remove HACS folder: /homeassistant/config/custom_components
  • Restart
  • Clear browser cache
  • Remove
# HACS modifications 
  token: ****-**** (token number)

from configuration.yaml

  • Restart again
  • Clear browser cache again

Then: Can’t find “HACS” in the “Devices & Services” and the “Integrations” tab

Then, see this thread:

use: “docker exec -it homeassistant /bin/sh” and “wget -q -O - | bash -”

If I do that, gonna took me back from the beginning.

What else i can do? Thanks

Don’t do this bit. You need to follow the docs exactly.

I remove that in the configuration, (I already have it). configuration.yaml is the original now
follow all the step.

Also try,

From this thread:

on : homeassistant/config/custom_components/hacs $
sudo wget

Then i can install hacs from GUI, but , i get this error:

adding these in configuration.yaml and restarting

  token: # Agregado por mi HACS 
  token: ****.****

And work but i get these error:

HACS still deprecated
There is another way to install HACS ?