Help with HACS

I noticed that my restrictions card integration was no longer working. Appears to have broken in the past couple of weeks. I looked in the HACS tab to see if it needs an update but it no longer appeared there so I re-installed it. If I attempt to edit the card using restrictions I see the following message-

No visual editor available for type 'custom:restriction-card'.

When I check configuration.yaml I see that the entire HACS section has been commented out (I’m guessing in the most recent update).

#frigate lovelace card
#  mode: yaml
#  resources:
#    - url: /hacsfiles/frigate-hass-card/frigate-hass-card.js
#      type: module
#    - url: /hacsfiles/restriction-card/restriction-card.js
#      type: module

I tried completely removing and re-installiung HACS but that didn’t change anything. Not sure what I’m missing here???

No visual editor just means the card can’t be set up with the graphical view, but have to be done in YAML.

The HACS sections commented out sounds like HACS have been used with an old YAML setup, but have since moved to a GUI setup and your configuration in YAML have been imported in the GUI and commented out in the YAML.
I think this happend quite some time ago, which means you might have missed several comments in the breaking change section of updates. These sections should always be read before updating anything in HA.

Thanks. I guess there has probably been another breaking change recently that has stopped restriction-card from working. I’m not seeing anything in the log but it doesn’t perform any action after I confirm that I want to turn on/off. I’ll try reporting the issue on the GitHub page.