HELP with Home Assistant OS (KVM)+ Open Media Vault + Cloudflare + Traefik = Error 502


Previously I used in my setup Home Assistant OS with Raspberry Pi 4 4GB connect Cloudflare by reverse proxy Traefik everything works fine :grinning:

Now: I decided to use ( Fresh Install ) KVM (.qcow2) on Open Media Vault instead of Raspberry Pi with a bridge network ,

Everything works fine with local access
The problem is when I try to access my domain I get ( Error 502 Bad gateway ) :unamused:

Home Assistant OS v : core-2022.2.8
Open Media Vault v : 5.6.25-1 (Usul)
Traefik v : 2.6.1

UPDATE: I tried may type of the configuration finally I have these cases
Case one: when putting Traefik itself in macvlan network > Traefik and Home Assistant very well and lose all connection to other docker containers in the host (Open Media Vault) :sob:
Case two: when putting Traefik in regular network docker containers back online but Home Assistant down :triumph:

any suggestions ?