Help with home security system


I don’t know if this is possible or if I’m dreaming of something here.

I need a home CCTV system where I can integrate with HA but the wife can use the manufactures app. I need 24/7 recording, rich notifications and NO monthly cost. Integration with HA is a must and Blue Iris is an added benefit.

I need a doorbell too.

Thanks for any help I get.

Connecting any camera system to HA will not preclude you from using the manufacturer’s app.

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Instead of BlueIris either get a dedicated NVR or run the Frigate add-on in HA. The latter will require a decent HA server if you want to record at decent frame rate and resolution. Realistically I suggest just using a dedicated NVR for the recording and you can use Frigate for detection notifications.


Sadly the wife is not tech savvy and needs the manufactures app to check footage and to speak down the doorbell.

Not all cameras integrate with HA. Such as Eufy and Aosu. Or so I believe.

Which she can still do with the NVR manufacturers app.

Ok let me rephrase that:

Connecting any camera that is possible to connect to HA, will not preclude you from using the manufacturer’s app.

There is a custom Integration to allow Eufy into HA.

Dahua cameras and doorbells integrate with HA quite well, original app also exists. NVR device itself is cheap (100€ range) for 4-channel nvr without HDD. Cameras are from 35-40€ upwards.

I just switched my Dahua NVR (7 cameras) from the 3rd party integration to Onvif as development seems to have stalled. It cut my start-up time in half (60+ sec to ~30 sec). The only thing I lose is the ability to tell if it was a vehicle or a human that triggered the smart movement, and I don’t do anything different for either, so no big loss.

Ah okay thanks. I’ll see if I can find it

I’d go with Dahua instead of Eufy though.

But if want Eufy.

I cannot seem to find a Dahua doorbell available in the UK though.

It also seems that are more aimed at businesses rather than residential and I’d need WiFi cameras too.

I’m using for my home security the motion eye add on. I’m saving the recorded video an pictures on the ssd of HA. Works very well.
Camera I always buy from aliexxpress. Very cheap an the qualtity is ok. To integrate the cameras I prefer cameras with onvif and rtsp stream. My last oneI bought cost 25 €.
And because is everything local I cut the Internet connection of the cameras. I made a Handy Dashboard, so my wife can use them too easily

Well, i can give you link from our local (Slovenian) web shop, you can get at least model numbers (an prices for comparison) from there and do a search on amazon. Outdoor units: link → you can translate via google . This web shop is known to have very decent prices in our region, i buy all stuff from them. I doubt they ship to UK, though, so it’s just as a reference.You can also find NVR’s and cameras here. (Note that i’m not in any way connected with this shop, nor i have any benefits from them! It’s purely info!)
I have DAHUA-VTO2211G-WP outdoor unit.

Personally, i wouldn’t go with wifi cameras unless absolutely necessary. Get POE models, wifi is unreliable, picture can stutter etc…

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Thanks I’ll take a look. Cannot seem to find any videos though of people using it within a smart home setting.

I have no choice but to go for a few wifi cameras due to the setup of my house exterior.

Take a look at Reolink as well. They have both WiFi and POE versions, offer a dedicated NVR and app, has an official integration into HA and are usually fairly priced. My only real complaint about them is the night mode isn’t as great as some others, but daytime/evening quality is fantastic. You can kind of fix the night mode issues by adding IR extenders or floodlights. Plus, IIRC, they are a UK based company as well.

I have a reolink camera already and theres no image with the notification. I tried setting up Pushover with my gmail address but keep getting errors. I have emailed Reolink for help.

I also have outdoor wiring for a floodlight and want to use that wiring. Unless I just put an outdoor plug socket on the wall instead. It’s high up.

Are you referring to the native app’s notification? If that’s the case, yeah, they don’t offer that yet (they’ve been saying for over a year now it’s on the roadmap). You can get a notification with an attached image using HA notifications and a simple automation.

You can do this with a POE injector wired in. Basically, you terminate the wiring into an outlet, then you add the POE injector and you have a POE capable outlet right there. You’d still have to run an ethernet cable there, but tbh, if you are going to do that, might as well just terminate the wiring and go POE at that point. Alternately, you could mount the camera AND a floodlight there together. I’ve done that for one of my cameras I have high up on my house. I added a smart outlet into the existing wiring and ran that out to my floodlights. When the camera detects motion, I have an automation that turns on the floods as well.