Help with idea for HVAC zone monitoring?

Lately I’ve lost confidence in one of my HVAC zone damper motors. So I’m thinking of setting up some monitoring and wanted to bounce some ideas off someone. Hope this is the right place?

I think I have a zone motor failing but i need to prove it, but the data set needs to be over a couple of days and I don’t have the time to sit in my basement and stare at it :slight_smile:

The motors have position screws which move when the motor is opening or closing the damper.

I’m thinking I could get an NodeMCU and a contact button (like this? that the screw would tap when the zone is in a certain position. Since my dampers are spring loaded to “normally open”, I really only care when the damper is closed (and working).

Then have a simple MQTT report the position to HA when the button is clicked. I can then look at the history page to see that the dampers are open/close at the correct time based on the thermostat’s operating mode.

Does anyone have any thoughts?