Help with install conbee2 on HA docker synology ds220+

hello people, i am trying to get my synology ds220+ to recognize a conbee2 stick.

i can not get the device listed under fdisk -l
under lsusb it is shown as connected.
the device is also shown in the synology dsm control panel > info center.

i have installed the geminilake drivers found here as described in the readme,
even installed the script to load during reboot.

maybe someone knows the problem or can offer advice?


I have no experience with DSM7 on this matter but how did you setup your docker, is it on net=host? Or did you map it via the docker settings ? e.g.

--device /dev/ttyUSB0:/dev/ttyUSB0

Not sure if it is USB0 of course…that you need to check

thanks for the reply.

i’ve been able to sort it and the conbee2 is now detected by phoscon and devcom.
still can not get the zigbee home app inside HA to see the conbee.
anyway, installing the drivers like stated above and also this script gets the conbee detected as dev/ttyACM0 each boot or reboot.

modprobe usbserial
modprobe ftdi_sio
modprobe cdc-acm
chmod 777 /dev/ttyACM0

Again… how did you install HA docker…do you have cli or the docker-compose?
If it cannot see the stick then possibly (!) it is because it is external to the container and you have not provided the means to reach it. Mine ran on net=host with high privileges but that was dsm6`
Here I am assuming that phoscon/deconz is on another container, not?

If the device is being used by deCONZ, you can’t also use it with ZHA at the same time.

=== sidebar, I suppose ===
NAS boxes used to be with ARM chips with Linux-like OS, so docker install for HA has been the go-to approach. But then, DS220+ has an intel CPU and can run VM. So…
Have you ever considered doing HAOS as a VM guest under VMM of the NAS box? I have seen examples in the forum before, and recalled the CPU taxing is minimal…

I understand running HAOS under VMM is one thing… but…
Would it be easier to do some USB passthrough from metal box to the HAOS VM? I suppose VMM supports USB passthrough?
(Does the USB passthrough feature survive VM reboot or snapshot or DSM reboot?)

Found this:
DSM 7 + VM + USB device | Synology Community

the HA docker is installed using the “docker” application inside dsm7.
the deconz inside the HA software can connect with the deconz/phoscon software (also installed via docker container) and the conbee2 appears to be detected this way.


thanks, i have tested also with the phoscon/deconz docker image stopped.
i can see the device is mounted to /dev/ttyACM0.

however, under dev there is no /dev/serial folder, which leads me to think the device may still not be mounted well enough for the ZHA software to detect the conbee.


stopped the docker HA container, checked the settings, restarted with root access, and the conbee2 is now detected! i either did not know root was required or simply missed it when i first installed the container.

thank you for the replies.

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Found this from googling also, just for reference:
Docker - a way to give access to a host USB or serial device? - SyntaxFix

Your next challenge would be to test whether the USB would survive after a docker restart, and/or a NAS reboot. Both would depend on how Synology implements those features.