Help with Insteon KeypadLinc

Trying to salvage my insteon setup and have converted most insteon to HA with the insteon 2245-222 hub running on a laptop, for now. I can’t get the keypad linc to work properly. I have reset it and HA finds it and the other buttons ok, but it will not control the main light on the linc. If I click it on the icon moves to on position for a few seconds, then reverts back. The light and the switch do nothing. I don’t know how to use the manual override with the codes and am not sure that would help. I also don’t know how to remove/delete the KPL and try again. Any ideas?

What version are you running for HA? This issue was reported I believe and fixed in a more recent release.

2022.2.3 I thought is was the latest. but I see there is a later one. I’ll try to update

Well, I’m using the windows portable version and it seems to be the latest. Not sure if I should install another type of HA on the laptop or if I can

David - you are not the only one having this problem. I do, as does at least one other person. We are working with the Insteon integration programmer to try to get this resolved. You can find the thread about the problem at 6 Button KeypadLinc not responding correctly · Issue #70804 · home-assistant/core · GitHub. It may be helpful if you joined that thread, as you might be able to provide some information that will help to track down the problem.

thanks, I will

I could only get it to work with explicit on and off events. The toggle action didn’t seem to work.