Help with light


i’m neewbie

after i make my floor plan and lights working, i need yours help.

i have 4 lights with dimmers and i want (if its possible) when i long press my light toggle to have option to dim that light.

1 tap = on/off
long press = dimming

can you help?

thank you

more informations

its tuya intregrations for my dimmers.

Yes just add under your tap_action lines

        hold_action: more-info

Or you can add that to the default actions section at the top of your rules. Usage - Floorplan for Home Assistant


Thanks for help

I have already write your suggestions code and nothing happen

I’m doing right?

Thank you

Are you using the ha-floorplan custom integration?


I don’t have install any mod.

Full original HA

Have you tried to look at the above tap_action …and “mimic” it ?
( or even tried to “hold” on the “icon-switch-button” ) ?

Then why is the yaml you are showing not in ha-floorplan format and why is the image you posted with all the entities on it not a graphical floorplan?

because he haven’t read any documentation, he havent searched for any examples, and he dont know what you are talking about ( when he answered “yes” , beside he said full original, after ( meaning it’s not a custom-floorplan he is using )(last pic says picture-element)

This is just another ( bare with me, im new, i dont wanna read the “rules/recommendations”, i dont wanna read the docs, and i dont wanna use the search function , because i like that this forum is drowned with stupid simple “howto” questions, to make the search function for others even more cumbersome.
There should be a “lock” so people have be member, for “awhile” and have a “minimum” of read-time. + atleast have been into the “howto-page(for 2 min), very first Topic/Post in this forum”

Yes, i might broke a rule, on the other hand, it’s becoming like a kinder garden for grown-ups who thinks this forum is a personal-callto-help-service-google-replacement