Help with lovelace dashboards - links to tutorials

Hey, having some trouble getting past the HA/Appdaemon learning curve - Originally I had a system set up on home assistant only using MQTT to talk with an Arduino. I have decided to rebuild and like the idea of utilizing Appdaemon so I can code in python/communicate with easier with my devices.

I’m currently following the tutes from the Appdaemon site:
In addition, I’ve seen some youtube videos of people showing their systems which is great but glosses over how they did the dashboard connection.

Now, this makes sense to a point, I understand how my .py passes through to the apps.yaml. The part I’m at a loss for is, how I can pass this info back and forth between the HA GUI i.e turn on a switch or have a indication lamp.

I’ve looked through the forums and can’t find anything that discusses how the dashboard is linked/built do I need to create the entities in the configuration.yaml file and then pass that backwards? again any links/tutes you have would be great.

Edit** I should clarify I am looking to use the Home Assistant Dashboard not the Appdaemon

Start here

Thanks for that @nickrout, this was one of the original ones i was following, but isn’t this for the Appdaemon board port 5050? or is it a case of if i set it up for that board i should be able to see them on the in build home assistant dashboard?

You said you wanted HAdashboard.

haha, my bad good pick up mixed up some terminology there. noob

So you want to know how to use Lovelace?

think i’ve got my head around it, now, so i will set up my object in the configuration.yaml, this then allows me to add it to the dashboard.yaml in conjuction with the apps.yaml/.py which will execute the code…

I still don’t get it. I have a variable in Appdeamon “x”. It’s a float. How do I display this variable in Lovelace?
And if I have a Boolean in home assistant how can I use that variable in Appdeamon.