Help with Lovelace

I’m very new to home assistant. Been trying to get a good looking interface of Lovelace like everyone here but unable to do it.

I’m looking for someone to help me do it or Someone who can do it for me. Willing to pay 50 USD for the help as well .

I just have a few nest thermostat, Sonoff t1 switches and need to get some automations done.

Do you have anything setup on the front end currently? If so, there are conversion scripts that work rather well to convert over to lovelace.

I would strongly suggest you learn to set it up yourself, otherwise when you want to make a change you aren’t going to understand how to do it. This forum has a lot of support so be detailed with what you want to do and ask questions.

Automation are a separate topic really. Lovelace is the front end where you can manually click things or view sensor status. Automation are things that will happen automatically based on a sensor or other state change. Same principle goes here though. Provide detail and ask specific questions.

When getting started I found it very helpful to look at other configs and use that as input or a baseline. Mine is pasted below.

The cookbook is another good resource.

Thank you for the information. Yes, I do have a front end but its just controlling few of the sonoff t1 and nest. I want help with just customising the layout of lovelace. the part where switches have to work with sonoff and nest I do know a bit.

I will read the CookBook and github as well now.

are you using HassIO? If so you can use this tool to get started on Lovelace and then work from there

yes, I am using Hassio. I used the migration option in hassio to make it default but it keeps going back to the old interface.

I have lovelace setup but I just cant get a good looking UI like the ones that people share here. Thats what I really need help with. But will read on that too and try and ask questions for better understanding

Sounds like you need to go to the info dev page (where you view the error log) and click the line that’s says something like ‘make Lovelace default on this device’

i did that but doesn’t make it default for some strange reason

I just had a look, there are two lines you need to click at the bottom of info section. Have you selected both? Also, make sure you aren’t logging in to HA by using a link that ends with /states. That will take you to the old GUI. You need to go to /lovelace