Help with Monoprice 6 zone amp and source selection

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I have the Monoprice 6 zone amp with 2 Chromecast Audios on the inputs, the Monoprice is on the network and works great through the Android app but we have to go into the app select the speaker and select the source.

I’d like to have a personal dash for me and my wife with a button that does both selecting the speaker and the correct source. So for my dash I hit the button for the kitchen speaker and it turns on the kitchen zone and selects Jay Cast as the source. And then on her screen she can come through next and hit the button for the kitchen speaker, it turns on the speaker if it’s off and selects her dedicated Chromecast, but if it’s on just switch to her source. And of course have the button show the state and source and maybe toggle off if on and on the person’s source.

I hack and slashed my way through a script that does turn it on and select the source, and turn it off if it’s on, and got it on my Lovelace but it shows the state of the script which is always off. And I’m sure there’s a cleaner way to do it cause I’m terrible with coding and my head is spinning. I just thought that maybe having a grid with the script button below a plain icon state button might be a decent way to do it.

In short; I need to enable a speaker and source in one button and duplicate that for each speaker and source.

Create speaker groups in google home, setup automations to trigger and set your zones the way you want when HASS detects the speaker group is playing. If you have google home minis, set the default audio player for them to the speaker group you want.

So Google home can control the monoprice unit?

Not directly, create speaker groups for the zones you have, put whichever CCA’s that you want to correspond to the zones there. Each speaker group with the Google Home integration will show up as a media player. Then for each zone create an automation for logic like:

trigger - media player “Living Room (whatever zone)” is playing
action - turn on monoprice corresponding zone and set source to CCA assigned to “Living Room” speaker group

Now if you say “play music in Living Room” to google home, the automation will turn the monoprice zone on and assign the proper source.